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Campus Ministry

Welcome at the Christian ecumenical center for students and university members in Hildesheim!

We work together ecumenically without forgetting which denomination we belong to. Everyone is welcome with us, regardless of sexuality, identity, worldview or religion. What we stand for: openness, tolerance and diversity as well as human rights, environmental protection and solidarity.

Connect with us on Instagram or just give us a call. The latest events and news are always communicated on instagram and in our Telegram channel, to which you can easily be added by sending us a message (☞ Contact).

Find out more ...

  • about our events and the choir
  • about our church services and pastoral care offers
  • about the dormitory (KHG-Wohnheim)
  • about loans, scholarships and our fund for foreign students (Notfonds)
  • about the people you will meet at KHG/ESG

Again - we're here for everyone; regardless of sexuality, identity, worldview or religion. And of course free of charge. If you need help, we're going to listen to you. We will look for solutions together and help you find professional help.


Jonathan Overlach, Hochschulpastor

Klara Maria Breitkopf, Leitung KHG Hildesheim
Mobil: 0162 9773 410